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Timo-Iaria brothers

César Timo-Iaria, Brazilian neurophysiologist (25 July 1924 – São Paulo 27 June 2005)

Authored over 80 papers
Described the triggering mechanism of hunger is due to hepatic metabolism fired by cytoglucopenia sensible glucoreceptors   

Described the region in central nervous system where the sleep is generated  
Discovered that nuclei of dorsolateral region of tegmentum pontis play a role on genesis of desynchronized sleep
Developed the idea that behaviors consisted of vegetative and motor components  
Described in detail states and the phases of sleep in mice
First described REM sleep in Rodents (1970)

Discovered a region in medial edge of prosencephalic fascicle of median and posterior mice hypothalamus that rules strictly immune system 

First experimentally demonstrated atrial natriuretic factor
With Massako Kadekaro. A simple device to align vertically electrodes for stereotaxic implantation. Physiol. Behav. 5(4):541-2, 1970

With M.A. Nicolelis, G. Tinone, K. Sameshima et al. Connection, a microcomputer program for storing and analyzing structural properties of neural circuits. Comp. Biom. Res. Intern. J. 23:64-81, 1990


His brother, Sebastião Timo-Iaria, food microbiologist (São Paulo 25 September 1929 – São Paulo 28 May 2005)


New culture media

With L.G. Cotillo Z. Novo meio de isolamento de enterobactérias e diferenciação simultânea das colônias e diferenciação simultânea das colônias de Proteus e Providencia. Rev. Saude Publ. São Paulo 1:108-9, 1967

With L.G. Cotillo Z. Modificação do Agar fenil-alanina usado na identificação de enterobactérias. Rev. Saude Publ. São Paulo 1:110, 1967


A new method for estimating reducing bacterial population in fisheries

With A.R.S. Casimiro. Um novo método de estimativa da população bacteriana redutora do óxido de trietilamina em pescado. Programas e Resumo 12º Congr Bras Microbiol. 9º Congr. Latino Amer. Microbiol., 25-29 julho, 1983

With M. Landgraf & D.P. Falcão. Improved enrichment procedure for isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and related species from milk. J. Food Prot. 56(5):447-50, 1993