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Raul Esteban Trucco

Raul Esteban Trucco, Argentine biochemist (Buenos Aires 02 September 1915 - ?)
With R. Caputto, J. Tang & S. Wolf isolated and crystallized the gastricsin (1958)
With L. F. Leloir, A. Paladini, R. Caputto & C. Cardini isolated glucose 1,6 diphosphate, uridine diphosphate glucose and other sugar nucleotides
With P. Verdier & A. Rega. New carbohydrate compounds from cow milk. Biochem. Biophys. Acta 15:582-3, 1954

Developed a simple and rapid method for the purification of fish myosin with high yield

With C.B. Martone, L. Busconi, E.J. Folco & J.J. Sanchez. A simplified myosin preparation from marine fish species. J. Food Science 51(6):1554-5, 1986