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Ram Narayan Tandon

Ram Narayan Tandon, Indian mycologist and plant pathologist (Sikohabad, Uttar Pradesh 27 November 1903 – Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 18 December 1999)

Authored over 250 papers


Assessed the role of different plant pathogens responsible for spoilage in fruits

Found that even different ascospores of the same ascus differ in fertility

Examined the role of synthetic transient oligosaccharides in carbohydrate metabolism of fungi

Found that the pathogens not only modified greatly the organic acid contents of their respective hosts but also brought about drastic changes in carbohydrates of host tissues

Developed strategies for the management of a large number of economically important plant diseases


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Preliminary observations on a new disease of wheat at Allahabad. Proc. Natn. Acad. Sci. Sec. B 16:1-5, 1946

HONORS (Fungi)

Tandonia Mehrotra 1991

Tandonella Prasad & Verma 1970