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Nanasaheb Ramji Tawde

Nanasaheb Ramji Tawde, Indian spectroscopist (Taluq Malvan, Maharastra 15 January 1898 – 25 December 1984)


Discovered the electronic structure of many molecules
New Green band system of N, and conditions of excitation. Nature 157:136, 1946
With H.A. Umvala. Direct method of measuring relative spectral intensities: its technique and use in line and band spectra. J. Univ. Bombay 16:79-96, 1948

Improved the accuracy of sessile drop method

With K.G. Parvatikar. Performance of sessile drops in surface tension  measurements. Indian J. Physics. 25(10):473-80, 1951

With K.G. Parvatikar. A table for the calculation of surface tension from measurements of sessile drops.
With A.P. Walvekar. Estimation of (∆re)of an electronic band system, a new method. Indian J. Phys. 34(9):397-401, 1960


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Tawdiella Deshpande & Deshpande 1966 (Fungi)