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Leandro Maués Tocantins

Leandro Maués Tocantins, Brazilian haematologist in United States (Belém 08 January 1901 –Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvannia 22 March 1963)
Enunciated the hypothesis of inhibitor excess as cause of haemostatic malformation in haemophilia
Demonstrated that blood and many fluids may be injected into general circulation under large  quantities via bone marrow


Tocantins technique or method for administering fluids via bone marrow (1936)
Tocantins technique for platelet counting
Tocantins method for clot retraction time

Jones-Tocantins test for capillary resistance

With Harold W. Jones. A simple test for capillary resistance: the “flicking” test. Amer. J. Med. Sci. 185:535, 1933