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João Vicente Torres Homem

João Vicente Torres Homem, barão de Torres Homem, Brazilian physician (Rio de Janeiro 23 November 1837 – Rio de Janeiro 04 November 1887)
Described unknown forms of facial palsies
Conceived many therapeutic formulas against various kinds of diseases 

Discovered the brain center of many clinical manifestations
Some of his works were published in Europe despite the fact they were in Portuguese language

His work about fevers has been reviewed in Archives de Médecine Navale of France and cited in Kelsch’s Traite des Maladies Pathogeniques (1894)

Estudo clinico sobre as febres do Rio de Janeiro (1877)

Etude comparative des caracteres cliniques de la fievre remittente paleudeuse, typhoide d’aprés le professeur Torres Homem. Archives Med. Navale 31:50, 1879 

Observed the presence of hepatic steatosis in yellow fever 

Described Bernheim syndrome many years ahead of Bernheim 

Described Torres Homem sign a characteristic sign of hepatic abscess in amebiasis


Duarte, O. Sattamini. Um médico do Império: o doutor Torres Homem. Irmãos Pongeti, 1957