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Joe Hin Tjio

Joe Hin Tjio, US / Indonesian cytogeneticist (Java Island 02 November 1919 – Gaithersburg, Maryland 27 November 2001)
Son of Chinese immigrants

First to recognize the correct number of human chromosomes (46)

With A. Levan. The chromosome number of man. Hereditas 42:1-6, 1956  
With C.E.Ford & P.E. Jacobs elucidated chromosomal basis of certain genetic abnormalities and sex determination in man  (1959)

Discovered chromosome abnormalities in leukemias and developed a method for aspirating bone marrow cells

With J. Whang. Direct chromosome preparation of bone marrow cells. Stain Techn. 37:17-20, 1962

Developed Tjio-Whang acetic orcein squash procedure (1960)