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Gursaran Parshad Talwar

Gursaran Parshad Talwar, Indian biochemist and immunologist (Hissar, Haryana State 02 October 1926 -


With V. Saini, S. Raghuvanshi et al. established Mycobacterium indicus prainii as a distinct species (2009)

With S.A. Dar, M.K. Rai, K.V. Reddy, D. Mitra et al. A novel polyherbal microbicide with inhibitory effect on bacterial, fungal and viral genital pathogens. Intern. J. Antimicrob. Agents 32:180-5, 2008

First clinical trials about the gonadotropin inhibition in patients with advanced prostate cancer and post-menopausal women

Vaccines for control of fertility and hormone-dependent cancers. Imm. Cell Biology 75:184-9, 1997

With C. Gual, J. Garza Flores, M. Menjivar, A. Gutierrez Najar & R. Pal. Ability of a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone vaccine to inhibit gonadotropins in post-menopausal women. Fertil. Steril. 67:404-7, 1997

An immunotherapeutic vaccine for multibacillary leprosy. Int. Rev. Immunol. 18:229-49, 1999

With H.M. Gupta & D.M. Salunke. A novel computer modelling approach to the structures of small bioactive peptides. The structure of the gonadotropin releasing hormone. Proteins 16:48-56, 1993

First application of the carrier protein concept for a vaccine for human use (1976)

Proposed the world’s first anti conceptional vaccine for women (1976)

With A.D. Krishnan. A simple method for cultivating M. leprae in vitro in the human peripheral blood monocytes. Indian J. Med. Res. 62:313-6, 1974


With K. Garg. Compositions comprising probiotic Lactobacillus strains for improved vaginal health. WO 2013093941A2 (2011)

With J.C. Gupta & S. Purswani. A novel vaccine composition inducing bio effective immune response against human chorionic gonadotropin IN524/DEL/2009

With R. Sriraman, S.R. Kathuria, R. Kabeer & R. Pal. A chimeric monoclonal antibody for binding with high affinity selectively to HCG IN2004DE00670A (2004) & WO2005095458A1

With J.C. Gupta & K. Raina. Recombinant anti-LHRH vaccines WO 2004/05791A3 (2003)

With P. Raghuvanshi. An improved antimicrobial and spermicidal formulation. IN1293/DEL/1999

With P. Raghuvanshi. Process for the preparation of an improved antimicrobial and spermicidal composition. IN1292/DEL1999

With S.N. Upadhyay & S. Dhawan. Neem component as a male contraceptive. CA2128649A1 (1993)

With D.K. Giri. Treatment of prostatic hypertrophy EP0652014 A1 (1993)

With S. Upadhyay, A. Singh, M.G. Sharma & C. Kaushic. Nimbaumol containing composition for controlling fertility and contraception DE69024047D1 (1990)

With S. Chakrabarti & J. Srinivasan. A recombinant birth control vaccine EP0494158B1 (1989) US5733553A & CA1340762 (1999)

With R. Mukherjee & S.I. Guleria. Tuberculosis vaccine comprising Mycobacterium wu GB2236480B (1989)

With S.Y. Rizvi, B. Kundu, K.D. Mathur & A. Alam. A process for the synthesis of n-acetyl-inormuramyl-l-n-methylaamyl-d-isoglu-taminyl-n-substituted amides possessing high immunoadjuvant activity. IN173794B (1988)

With M.S. Chaudhuri & R. Jayashankar. Antigenic derivative of GnRh GB2228262B (1989)

Method for the preparation of hybrid cells having a high titre of antibodies active against luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone IN157726B (1981)

Method for the manufacture of an improved test device for the purpose of detecting pregnancy IN155665 B (1981)

Method for the preparation of cloned hybrid cells of enhanced titre of antibodies active against human chorionic gonadotropin and other reproductive hormones IN155376B (1981)

A method for blocking heat in domestic pet and for controlling libido aggressiveness in male animals and in counter acting physiological and pathological phenomena dependent on LHRH (1981)

Foerfarande Foer framstaellning of a vaccin Foer foerhindrande of graviditet FI54997B (1976)

Vaccine til forhindring af graviditet og fremgangsmade til fremstilling af vaccinen DK145283B (1975)

Kontrazeptiver impfstoff DE2518546 (1975)