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Feifan Tang

Feifan Tang, Chinese microbiologist (Liling County, Hunan Province 23 July 1897 – Beijing 30 September 1958)

Demonstrated the histological nature of trachoma (1955)

Demonstrated clinical manifestations and the morphological pictures of trachoma in monkeys (1955)

With H.L. Chang, Y.T. Huang & K.C. Wong first to isolate and cultivate Chlamydia trachomatis the etiological agent of trachoma (1956)

First observation of latent infection of herpes simplex

Developed a series of different pore size acetate collodion membranes for determining the size of phages and viruses  

HONORS (Bacteria)

Tangfeifania Liu, Li, Rooney, Du & Chen 2014 

Feifantangia Zheng, Chen, Jiang & Yang 2015