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Constantino Tsallis

Constantino Tsallis, Greek-born Brazilian physicist (Athens 05 November 1943 –


Regarded as one of the world’s most remarkable authorities on statistical physics  (over 10, 000 citations)

Created the non-extensive statistical mechanics and formulated q-entropy, a new definition of entropy (1988)

Established the notion that entropic extensivity requires the use of the nonadditive entropy for some classes of systems

Identified a set of numbers for a system described by nonextensive statistical mechanics the q-triplet (2004)

With Levy enunciated the concept of thermal transmissivity, a transmissivity variable which extends for thermal magnetic systems (1981)

With M.C.S. Vieira discovered the gap road to chaos, a discontinuous map with amplitude asymmetry (1987)

With G.A. Tsekouras introduced spectral statistics (2005)

Conjectured the break-collapse method, an operational procedure (1981)

Formulated microeconomic models with international repercussion

With A. Rodríguez introduced q-cumulants (2010)

With G. Ruiz proposed a new universality class of one-dimensional unimodal dissipative maps (2009)

Proposed escort mean values (or q-moments) to characterize probability densities with divergent moments (2009)

With A. Rodríguez & V. Schwämmle introduced a new family of asymptotically scale invariant probabilistic models with binary random variables (2008)

With S. Umarov, S. Steinberg & M. Gell-Mann introduced (2006) and established (2010) the basic properties of (q,alpha)-stable distributions

With US physicists Sabir Umarov, Murray Gell-Mann & Stanley Steinberg proved the q-generalization of central limit theorem (2000s)

With L.G. Moyano & F. Baldovin showed that zeroth principle of thermodynamics  applies to aging quasistationary states of long-range interacting, N-body Hamiltonian systems (2003)

With M.L. Lyra proposed a scaling law for dissipative one-dimensional maps (1998)

With E.P. Borges, G.J.F. Añaños & P.M.C. Oliveira first to establish quantitatively a relation between sensitivity to the initial conditions and relaxation (2002)

With A.O. Caride presented a real space renormalisation groups procedure which directly yields the order parameter for all values of the external parameters (1998)  

With L. Borland & A.R. Plastino proposed a consistent test for measuring the degree of correlation between random variables (1998)

With R.O. Vallejos, R.S. Mendes & L.R. da Silva showed that in a certain range of temperatures, the specific heat displays log-periodic oscillations as a function of the temperature (1998)  

With F. Nobre first to exhibit that the thermodynamic limit is well defined for an interacting system (1995)

With A.M.C. Souza & E.M.F. Curado introduced a coupled map lattice model to describe time evolution to relevant quantities associated with stock exchange (1995)

With S.A. Cannas presented evidence for a ferromagnetic phase at low temperatures (1992)


Tsallis non-extensive entropy

Tsallis entropy functional (1988)

Tsallis conjecture

Tsallis distribution

Tsallis ensemble

Tsallis model (a model in configurations space used in genetics and immunology)

Cairns-Tsallis model for ion acoustic solitons 

Umarov-Steinberg-Tsallis q-generalized central limit theorem (2008)

Tsallis-Levy m-rooted equivalent transmissivity


Physics Nobel Prize nominee