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Clara Torok

Clara Torok (née Klara Nussbaum), Romanian-born Brazilian chemist (07 January 1902 - Rio de Janeiro April 1968)

With S. Fraenkel. Ueber neue basische cholinderivative. Biochem Ztschr. 182:424-33, 1927

With P. Kubelka & I. Ciornai develop a method for extraction of potassium salts from brine wastewater

With H. Zocher. Beitraege sur Kenntnis der Taktosole. Ein neues taktosol: Aluminiumhydroxid. Kolloid Z. 173:1-7, 1960


With I. Ciornai a process (1948)


With H. Zocher. Crystals of higher order and their relation to other superphases. Acta Crystall. 22(6):751-5, 1967

With H. Zocher. About space-time asymmetry in the realm of classical general and crystal physics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sciences 39:681-6, 1953