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Cheng Kui Tseng

Cheng Kui Tseng, Chinese phycologist and mariculture expert (Xiamen, Fujian Province 18 June 1909 – 20 January 2005)

Regarded as an authority on industrial and feeding properties of marine algae

Coined the term phycocolloid (1945)

Developed culture system for marine algae on scientific foundations 

With Chaoyuan Wu produced a book on brown algae Laminaria japonica being the first even written work on cultivation of a single species of marine algae (1962)


Valid Genera

Parenchymorpha 1984 with Hua (Cyanophyta)

Sinocladia 2005 with Li (Rhodophyta)  

Sinosiphonia 1983 with Zheng (Rhodophyta)


At least 117

HONORS (Rhodophyta)

Tsengia Fan & Fan 1962

Tsengiella Zhang & Xia 1987