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Chen Lu Tsou

Chen Lu Tsou or Chenglu Zou, Chinese biochemist (Qingdao, Shandong Province 17 May 1923 – Beijing 23 November 2006)
Concluded that enzyme succinate dehydrogenase is an electron carrier
First purified enzyme succinate dehydrogenase
Established the quantitative relationship between the modification of the side chain functional groups, the inactivation of the proteins and the kinetics of enzyme modification reactions
Proposed an equation for calculation of essential groups in proteins (Zou equation)

Conceived Tsou Chen Lu plot and Tsou Chen Lu statistical method

Relation between modification of functional groups of proteins and their biological activity. I. A graphical method for the determination of the number and type of essential groups. Scientia Sinica 11:1535-58, 1962
Showed that the concept of substrate-inhibitor competition applies to both reversible and irreversible cases
Showed the apparent rate constant for the irreversible modification step can be obtained in one experiment (widely used and cited in the literature)
Proposed the flexibility of enzyme active sites