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Au-chin Tang

Au-chin Tang, Chinese theoretical chemist (Yixing, Jiangsu Province 18 November 1915 – 15 July 2008)
Authored over 300 papers and 8 books
Obtained the molecular weight distribution function of addition polymers
Proposed a new method for computing the potential function of molecular internal rotation (1950s)
Introduced the coupling coefficients from the three-dimensional rotation group to the point group and developed irreducible tensor method from the continuous groups to the point groups (1960s)
Established 3 foundational graph theorems in Hückel approximation on the characteristic polynomials (1970s)
Proposed the topology conjugate relations of boron and carbon clusters and clarified the characteristics of chemical bonds and structural rules 
With Q.S. Li proposed a topological rule for polyhedral boranes and heteroboranes (2004)