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Antonio Tossolini

Antonio Olivo Tossolini, Argentine mechanic and carpenter (1900 – Bell Ville, Cordoba Province 22 June 1959)

From Italian parentage

With Juan Valbonesi (Italian-born commercial employee died 1970) and former soccer player Luis Romano Polo Tonello (Unión Cordoba 01 February 1901 - Unión Cordoba 25 July 1957) patented Superball, the first leather lace-free soccer ball with perfect roundness that revolutionized the sport

Argentine patent 35.779 (1931)

Valbonesi patented it in United Kingdom (Improvements in inflatable balls for use in ball games such as football GB number 19,285 (1931) and Italy

Invented Topoval, the first hand inflator of the world (1948)

Improvements in/or relating to liquid supply pumps particularly for liquid fuel mixtures

With his brothers Eduardo & Eugenio developed a number of inventions