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Yellapragada Subba Row

Yellapragada Subbarao (Subba Row), Indian pharmacist and biochemist in United States (Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh State 12 January 1895 – Pearl River, New York State 08 August 1948)
Authored over 100 papers
Developed Fiske-Subba Row calorimetric method to estimate phosphorus in tissues and body fluids (1924)
With C. Fiske, P. Eggleton & G.P. Eggleton discovered phosphagen in muscle (1927)
With Fiske discovered that phosphocreatine and ATP were sources of muscle power (1927-9)
With Fiske isolated ATP and phosphocreatine independently from Lohmann (1929)
With Szent-Gyorgy isolated pyridoxine
Isolated and synthesized folic acid (1945)
Developed a method to synthesize folic acid
Found that folic acid cures tropical sprue
Discovered antifolates


With Duggar discovered aureomycin (1948) and tetracycline
Discovered diethyl carbazamin
Anti-cancer drug Methotrexate (1948)  
Hetrazan against elephantiasis
Hydrazide against tuberculosis
Polymyxin used in cattle feed


Antibiotic Subbamycin

Genus Subbaromyces Hesseltine 1953 (Fungi)