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Urbano Ernesto Stumpf

Urbano Ernesto Stumpf, Brazilian automobile engineer (Não me Toque, Rio Grande do Sul State 15 January 1916 - 17 May 1998)

From German descent

Recognized as world's foremost expert on the practical combustion of alcohol and its blends

Demonstrated that main technical advantage of alcohol engines was their high overall performance (38%)

Established that in the alcohol gasoline mixture, for a percentage above 20% alcohol modifications to engine would be required to avoid high fuel consumption (1965-70)

PATENTS (incomplete list)

A specific carburetor for alcohol use PI8106855-7 (1981)

Carburetor in plastic body without channels or threads

A blow energy generated turbocharger powered by the opening of exhaust valve

A system that allows intake gases to escape from an internal combustion engine

A device for combined fuel carburation

Specific Internal combustion engine for fuels of plant origin 

Vehicle propulsion simultaneously by Stirling engine and electric motor

A 5 cylinder engine with dimensions that obey the golden ratio (1975)