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Toppur Seethapathy Sadasivan

Toppur Seethapathy Sadasivan, Indian mycologist and plant pathologist (Madras 22 May 1913 – Chennai 18 August 2001)


Developed concepts such as competitive saprophytic ability and rhizosphere effect

Elucidated the rhizosphere effect in which root exudates promotes the growing and survival of specific pathogens

First demonstrated the fungal toxin fusaric acid in vivo leading to name it vivotoxin

First to demonstrate fusaric acid in wilting cotton plants

First demonstrated that the toxins of the blast fungus induced “green islands” in rice leaf tissues

Put forward definitive evidence of ionic imbalance in wilted plants in the form of excessive excretion and enhanced transpiration resulting in loss of potassium and accumulation of divalent cations


Sadasivania Subramanian 1957 (Fungi)