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Sisinthy Shivaji

Sisinthy Shivaji, Indian microbiologist and biochemist (17 June 1950 –


Demonstrated differential phosphorylation of membrane proteins and lipopolysaccharides are involved in adaptation to low temperature

Established that differential synthesis of polar and non-polar carotenoids is crucial for low temperature survival

Discovered a new fatty acid desaturase gene essential for the survival of life forms at low temperature

Established that genes aspartate aminotransferase and tRNA modification GTPase are required for survival of life forms at low temperature

Several bacterial isolates from the cryosphere produces cold active proteases and lipases with aplications in biotechnology industries

His research on the biodiversity of psychrophilic bacteria has attracted recognition

First report on the identification of genus Pseudomonas from Continental Antarctica

With P.M. Bhargava, N. Shyamala Rao, L. Saisree, V. Sheth & G.S.N. Reddy. Isolation and identification of Pseudomonas spp. from Schirmacher Oasis, Antarctica. Appl. Environ. Microb. 55:767-70, 1989 


With A. Reddy, B.S. Maradani, J. Bhagavatula, H. Segu & R.S. Mahia, Improved methods of carnivore faecal sample preservation, DNA extraction and quantification for accurate genotyping of wild tigers. PLoS One 7(10), 2012

With A. Reddy & V. Prakash. A rapid non-invasive PCR-based method for identification of sex of the endangered Old World vultures (white-backed and long-billed vultures). Implications for captive breeding programmes. Curr. Sci. 92(5):659-62, 2007

With S. Shankarnarayan, C.B.S. Dutt, P.M. Bhargava & R. Manchanda. A cryosampler payload for aseptic air sample collections at stratospheric altitudes using balloons (2006)

With D.M. Saxena & M.K.K. Pillai. A modified filter paper disc method for liquid scintillation counting studies in protozoans (1977) 




Arcticibacter 2012 with Prasad, Manasa, Buddhi, Pratibha, Begum, Bandi & Tirunagari

Bhargavaea 2009 with Manorama, Pindi & Reddy

Cecembia 2012 with Anil Kumar, Srinivas, Madhu, Sravan, Singh, Naqvi & Mayilraj

Cesiribacter 2011 with Anil Kumar, Srinivas, Madhu, Sunil & Sharma

Indibacter 2010 with Anil Kumar, Srinivas, Madhu & Manorama

Lutibaculum 2010 with Anil Kumar, Srinivas & Madhu

Nitritalea 2010 with Anil Kumar, Srinivas, Pavan Kumar & Madhu

Paraglaciecola 2014 with Reddy

Pararheinheimera 2017 with Adicherla, Chakraborty & Gundlapally


More than 100 species of bacteria from Antarctica, Arctic, Himalayan, glaciers, deep sea and stratosphere (7 of them in stratosphere)



At least 7


Shivajiella Anil Kumar, Aravind, Francis, Bhumika, Ritika, Priyashanth & Srinivas 2012 (Bacteria)