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Sebastião de Almeida Prado Sampaio

Sebastião de Almeida Prado Sampaio, Brazilian dermatologist (Casa Branca, São Paulo State 07 July 1919 – São Paulo 18 October 2008)

Authored 125 works

With C.S. Lacaz, F.P. Almeida & J.C. Fernandes presented the first report about cat to man transmission of sporotrichosis (1955) 

With C.S. Lacaz introduced amphotericin B treatment for paracoccidioidomycosis (1958)

With R.M. Castro, N.L. Dillon & J.E. Martins showed the effectiveness of amphotericin B for treating mucosal forms of American cutaneous leishmaniasis (1971)

With L. C. Cucé performed the first studies about use of new imidazole antifungal compounds in the treatment of surface and deep mycoses

Standardized the treatment of pithyriasis versicolor with imidazole compounds

Described Sampaio sign in Brocq pseudopelade