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Sawai Jai Singh

Sawai Jai Singh II, Indian monarch and astronomer (1686 - 1743)
Ruler of Rajput State of Amber (1669-1743)
Designed and made some astronomical instruments

Samrat Yantra, a gnomon for charting motion of the Sun’s shadow

Ram Yantra, for obtaining the altitude and azimuth of planets

Raj Yantra, a kind of astrolabe

Jai Prakash Yantra, for mapping the position of heavenly bodies

Digamsa Yantra, for azimuth measurement

Nari Valaya Yantra, a cylindrical dial to measure day time and for the equinoxes

Dakshinovvitti Yantra, a mural quadrant

Shasthiamsa Yantra, a form of meridian circle

Misra Yantra, aided to give the comparative time at different places