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Pulin Behari Sarkar

Pulin Behari Sarkar, Indian inorganic chemist (Kolkata 22 November 1896 – Kolkata 13 July 1971)

In the lab of French Georges Urbain prepared about 40 new compounds of gadolinium (1927-8)

First to use titanium tetraflouride to fluorinate organic compounds

With P.C. Ray. Fluorination of organic compounds: monofluoracetone. Nature 132:749, 1933

Established the structural difference between formate ion and formic acid

With B.C. Ray. Constitution of formic acid and formates. Nature 137 (1936)

Concluded that isoelectronic isoesters with identical ionic volumes should exhibit close relationship in physical and chemical properties and that the exact constitution of ions is of minor importance in deciding their chemical homology

Suggested that caesium could be quantitatively determined by forming double or triple nitrites of Ce-group lanthanides and alkali metals
Prepared two series of complex carbonato-uranates and polyuranates, a series of selenochromatic (III) acids and salts and a series of fluoroberyllates

With T. Das Gupta. On a series of new tetramine-cobaltic complexes. J. Ind. Chem. Soc. 7:835, 1930 


A method to determine the content of fluor in fluorinated organic compounds

A method of detection of Re using diphenyl carbazide

A semimicro electrogravimetric determination of Re using hexamine as a microchemical reagent in presence of auxiliary reagent

Microgravimetric methods for the determination of Co(III), Ni (II), Nz2-, Cd2- Cs2

With B.K. Datta Ray. A new gravimetric method for the estimation of nickel, cobalt and cadmium. J. Ind. Chem. Soc. 7:251, 1930

A macrogravimetric method for Cs- (0,1%)

A rapid thermovolumetric method for Mg2- and Ca2+

A gravimetric determination of Be2- as BaBeF4

A technique for conversion of organic sulphur into H2S and used it to determine sulphur content of organic compounds

With I. Das Gupta. On a new method of preparation of hexamine-tri-ol-dicobaltic chloride and the preparation of some nuclear polymers. J. Ind. Chem. Soc 9:79, 1932

An acidimetric method to determine Cl, Br and I using Millon's base as the exchanger reagent

With H.C. Goswami. A convenient micromethod of estimating sulphur in organic compounds. A modification of ter Meulen's method. J. Ind. Chem. Soc. 10:611, 1933