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Peter Seeligmann

Peter Seeligmann, Argentine plant chemist (Helsinki 10 November 1923 – San Miguel de Tucumán 1999)

From German parents

Authored about 70 works

First reported the presence of myricetin glucosides in Asteraceae

With L.R.A. Israilev & M.A.del Pero Martínez. Myricetin in Tagetes: chemosystematic significance. Phytochemistry 30:40378, 1991

Authored the most significant work in the field of chemotaxonomy and peanut until then

A C-glycoside in four species of Arachis. Lilloa 33:61-8, 1970

Described the plant species Flourensia macroligulata 1960

With P. Legname & B. Mateu Amengual. Bases morfologicas quimicas que permitem justificar el reconocimiento de variedades de Acacia aroma Gill ap. H et A. (Leguminosae). Lilloa 35(2):112, 1979

Un metodo yodometrico para titular glutation en papas