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Pandurang Vasudeo Sukhatme

Pandurang Vasudeo Sukhatme, Indian biostatistician (Satara District, Maharashtra State 27 July 1911 – Pune, Maharashtra State 28 January 1997)
Authored over 200 papers
Showed that any U-statistic with a bounded kernel from a distribution whose density function is continuous at the median is bivariate normal (1957)
Proposed formulae for the estimation of required sample size (1970)

With Sheldon Margen formulated Sukhatme-Margen hypothesis “at low levels of calorie intake, energy is used with greater metabolic efficiency and efficiency is decreased as the intake increases over the applicable range”


Statistical models for assessing the dimensions of hunger and future food supplies in the world 

Methods for measuring the size and nature of the protein gap

Scientific techniques of random sampling in crop cutting surveys for the estimation of crop production

Likelihood ratio tests (1936)


Sukhatme theorem (1937)

Darling-Sukhatme theorem (1972)

Sukhatme test (1957)

Sukhatme d-statistic