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Oswaldo Sala

Oswaldo Sala, Brazilian spectroscopist (Bauru, São Paulo State 29 June 1926 -

With H. Stammreich et al. authored classical works in the field of Raman spectroscopy

With H. Stammreich, R. Forneris & A.G. Ayrosa developed the technique of the excitation of Raman spectra with helium lamps in Technique and results of excitation of Raman spectra in the red and near infrared region. Spectrochim. Acta 8:41-45, 1956

With H. Stammreich introduced large contribution to Raman scattering studies of metals (1958-61)

With H. Stammreich & R. Forneris presented reported studies of metallocarbonyls, cyano complexes, halogen complexes and interhalogen compounds

With H. Stammreich & R. Forneris developed narrow bandpass filters that resulted in the ability to obtain superb Raman spectra of solid or turbid solutions

With H. Stammreich & R. Forneris introduced the use of rubidium vapor lamp with strong resonance  for obtaining spectra of Cl4 and many other species

Introduced a number of valuable contributions about resonant Raman effect

With S. Isotani authored A relation between bending and interaction force constants with the ionic character. An. Acad. Bras. Cien. 45:349, 1973  

With M.L.A. Temperini & W.J. Barreto imagined a new representation of SERS enhancement emphasizing the modulation of vibrational mode in SERS effect (1983)

With L.K. Noda & X. Araku developed a procedure to obtain the effective nuclear charge from the atomic spectrum of sodium (1999)

With A.M. Pereira Neto developed a method to obtain the components of the broad Raman band assigned to the OH stretching vibrations of liquid water (2004)