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Oscar Sala

Oscar Sala, Italian-born Brazilian nuclear physicist (Milano 26 March 1922 – São Paulo 02 January 2010)
With Gleb Wataghin performed the first measurement of absorption coefficient from cosmic radiations that generates penetrating showers (1942), showed particles production in nucleon-proton collisions (1944) and discovered the measure of section from proton-proton interaction total shock in high energies (1945)


Developed a new kind of differential voltimeter for high voltages

With T. Polga & R.A. Douglas. A differential generating voltmeter. Rev. Sci. Instr. 41;16, 1970

Developed rapid circuits of electronic coincidence  

With Paulo T. Bittencourt  improved the technique of using electronic oscilloscopes in measurements of mean lifetime of nuclides isomers (1940s)

Headed the construction of Van de Graaff accelerator of University of São Paulo, the first electrostatic device in the world to use pulsed beams for study of nuclear reactions (1954)

With R.G. Herb. Design of electrostatic generator for Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. Phys. Rev. 74:1260, 1948.