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Nayef Emile Saade

Nayef Emile Saadé, Lebanese neuroscientist (Jaddayel-Jbeil 22 May 1944 –

Authored over 150 papers

Introduced various neuroanatomical tracing methods for identifying central pathways and molecular techniques for the possible mediators involved in the interaction between the neural, endocrine and immune systems

With M. Bitar, S.J. Jabbur & N.R. Banna showed that both presynaptic and postsynaptic inhibitory mechanism existed within the dorsal column nuclei (1981)

With S.F. Atweh & S.J. Jabbur first suggested that diazepam (Valium) acted on GABA receptors in the central nervous system producing presynaptic inhibition at axo-axonic synapsis

With C.J. Jose, K. Rifai, N.H. Hawwa, C.A. Massaad, A.R. Jurjus & S.J. Jabbur. Nociceptive behaviour  induced by dental application of irritants to rat incisors: a new model for tooth inflammatory pain. Eur. J. Pain 6:55-67, 2002

With C.J. Jose, N. Hawwa, M. Baliki, B. Safieh-Garabedian, K. Rifai & S.J. Jabbur. A perfusion technique for the determination of pro-inflammatory mediators induced by intradental application of irritants. J. Pharmac. Toxic. Methods 46:125-30, 2002

With F. Mourad, K. Barada & P. Noutsi. Troubleshooting in animal models of colitis: the use of a novel eletrocautery model. J. Pharm. Toxic. Methods 61:122-6, 2010


With M. Dardenne, J.M. Pleau, J.F. Bach & B. Safieh-Garabedian. Use of thymulin-like peptides for making pain-relieving medicines WO2003030927 A3, US7309690 B2, CA2463549 A1 & EP1450843 A2