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Maria Siqueira

Maria Siqueira Pinheiro, Brazilian immunologist (São Paulo 07 July 1927 – São Paulo 28 March 2015)

Authored over 70 works 

Described the biological role of antibodies on glomerulonephritis

With H.C. Passos, O.C. Martínez & O.G. Bier. Studies on the nephrotoxic activity of guinea-pig gamma 1 and gamma2 antibodies. Immun. 26(2):407-16, 1974

Found that antigen-antibody complexes can act even at the site of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reactions evoked by unrelated antigen-antibody systems

With O. G. Bier. Hemorrhagic reactions at sites of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in guinea pig after intravenous inoculation of unrelated immune complex. Proceed. Soc. Exper. Biol. Med. 107(4):779-84, 1961  

With O. Bier & G. Biozzi observed that immunological competence develops eventually, even in bursectomized animals, albeit with a considerable delay in time 

Authored the first work on resistance genetics to rabies virus

With M.R. Nilsson & O.A. Sant’Anna, T.T. Nilsson & M. Genari. Rabies virus immunity in genetically selected high and low responder lines of mice. Infect. Immunol. 25(1):23-6, 1979

With Guido Biozzi demonstrated that distinct cells of both innate and acquired immunity are distinct protagonists submitted to independent polygenic control

With D. Mouton, O.A. Sant’Anna  et al. Genetic of immunoresponsiveness to natural antigens in the mouse. Curr. Top. Microbial. Immunol. 85:31-98, 1979

Showed that the primary antibody response to antigens was under polygenic control while the secondary response was under monogenic control

With O.A. Sant’Anna, Y. Bouthillier & G. Biozzi. Differences in the genetic control of primary and secondary antibody responses. Immunol. 37(4):849-56, 1979 

Enunciated genetic parameters regulating the quantitative antibody response

With G. Biozzi, D. Mouton, O.A. Sant’Anna, C. Stiffel, M.B. Esteves  & Y. Bouthillier.  Non-specific polygenic regulation of antibody synthesis. Ann. Immunol. 128(1-2):393-9, 1977

With C. Stiffel, D. Mouton, O.G. Ribeiro, C. Decreusefond & G. Biozzi developed the high (AIRmax) and low (AIRmin) responder lines of mice for studying the genetic control of innate and specific immune responses  (1980s)

Demonstrated the expression of delayed type of hypersensitivity reactivity and antibody responsiveness to the same antigens are polygenic characters subject to the dependent quantitative regulation

With S.L. Oliveira, O.M. Ibañez, D. Mouton, O.A. Sant’Anna & G. Biozzi. Independent polygenic regulation of quantitative antibody responsiveness and expression. Of delayed type of hypersensitivity (Dth). Exper. Clin. Immun. 2(8):223-33, 1985 

Gave the first demonstration of innate regulation of acute inflammatory responsiveness by germ line genes

With G. Biozzi, O.G. Ribeiro, A. Saran, M. de Franco, O.A. Sant’Anna, D. Mouton, O.M. Ibañez et al. Effect of genetic modification of acute inflammatory responsiveness on tumorigenesis in the mouse. Carcinogenesis 19(2):337-46, 1998  


With O.G. Bier & R.S. Furlanetto. Amboceptor titration as a statistically controlled assay. J. Immunol. 69(3):241-6, 1952

With O.G. Bier & R.S. Furlanetto. Quantitative complement fixation in syphilis as a statistically controlled assay. J. Immunol. 74:51-6, 1954

With O.G. Bier, M.B. Esteves & P.M.Freire. Quantitative relations in complement fixation. Amer. J. Epidem. 89(3):353-7, 1969

With O.G. Bier & M.B. Esteves. Quantitative studies of complement fixation. I- A simplified and accurate procedure based on 50 per cent hemolytic end point. Rev. Inst. Med. Trop. São Paulo 10:199-208, 1968.