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Marcelo Damy de Souza Santos

Marcelo Damy de Souza Santos, Brazilian physicist (Campinas, São Paulo State 14 July 1914 –São Paulo 29 November 2009)
Authored more than 80 works

Discovered penetrating showers in cosmic rays with Wataghin and Pompéia

With G. Wataghin & P.A Pompéia.  Simultaneous penetrating particles in the cosmic radiation I. Physical Review 57:61, 1940.

With G. Wataghin & P.A. Pompéia. Simultaneous penetrating particles in the cosmic radiation. II. Physical review 57:339, 1940. 

With G. Wataghin, M. Schenberg & G. Occhialini first observed the phenomenon of mesons production in groups simultaneously emitted in an one nuclear process (1941)


With G. Wataghin. Sopra um nuovo tipo di contatore di corpusculi. Il Nuovo Cimento 15:104-7, 1937. 
A multivibrator counter circuit. Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 12:179-89, 1940.  


With G. Occhialini. On a method of recording random events. Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 13:57-62, 1941.

With G. Occhialini. Two useful gadgets for controlled Wilson chambers (1941)


Developed with  Pompéia a new kind of ultrasonic sonar for detecting submarines employing pre-oriented ferromagnetic crystals  

With Pompéia developed a special thermostat that works on the gasoline dilation for controlling the temperature of cooling crystals


With Pompéia developed portable radios for jeeps and military trucks

With P.S. de Toledo, R. Brenner & A.C. Penteado. A new method for the individual detection of failed fuel elements in swimming pool reactors (1960).

With E. Wilner & P.S. Toledo. Um novo método de detecção individual de elementos combinados defeituosos. Third Interam. Symposium Nuclear Energy Peaceful Appl. (1960) 

A device for tuning musical instruments

Improved the velocity of Geiger counter from miliseconds to microseconds

With P.S. Toledo. A power calibration method using the xenon equilibrium poisoning (1958)


His brother, Tharcisio Egidio Damy de Souza Santos, metallurgist (Campinas, São Paulo State 10 December 1912 – São Paulo 29 July 2005)

Authored 138 works (until 1983)

Presented novel abacus that improved Berek compensator

A determinação dos retardamentos na técnica petrográfica. Rev. Politecnica (1938)


Um processo de zincagem do chumbo desargentado Parkes  (A Process of galvanization of Parkes desilvered lead) 1954

Um processo para tratamento de crostas Parkes (A process for treatment of Parkes crusts) 1957


PI8403174-3B1 (1984)

Processo para obtenção de cobre metálico utilizando minérios alterados complexos de baixo teor (Process for obtaining metallic copper employing low content complex changed ores) 1988