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Jose Luis Sersic

José Luis Sersic, Argentine astronomer (Bella Vista, Corrientes Province 06 May 1933 – Carlos Paz, Cordoba Province 10 July 1993)

From Croatian descent
Authored 129 works with at least 10.000 citations

Enunciated Sersic profile law, a generalization of Vaucouleurs law

Influence of the atmospheric and instrumental dispersion on the brightness distribution in a galaxy. Bol. Asoc. Arg. Astron. 6:41, 1963

Codiscovered Sersic-Pastoriza nuclei and Sersic-Pastoriza galaxies 

With M.G. Pastoriza. Peculiar Nuclei in Galaxies. PASP 77:287, 1966.


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