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Jorge André Swieca

Jorge André Swieca or Jerzy Andrzej Swieca, Polish-born Brazilian mathematical physicist (Warsaw 16 December 1936 – São Paulo State 22 September 1980)
With E.C. Marino demonstrated a general theorem that proved that a fractioned topologic load necessarily lead to an infinite action (1978)
Developed a quantization method of solitons employing order-disorder variables (1982) 
Named Schwinger-Higgs mechanism
Proved Swieca screening theorem (1975)

With J.H. Lowenstein authored Quantum Electrodynamics in Two Dimensions (1970) 


Swieca phenomenon (1967)

Koberle-Swieca amplitude

Koberle-Swieca mass ratios

Lowenstein-Swieca operator solution (1971)

Swieca theorem

Haag-Swieca conjecture

Haag-Swieca compactness property