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Heraclides Cesar de Souza Araújo

Heraclides Cesar de Souza Araújo, Brazilian leprologist (Imbituva, Paraná State 24 June 1886 - Rio de Janeiro 10 August 1962)
Authored over 260 publications
Obtained world renown in clinical and experimental leprology. He was leprosy expert of WHO

Described Actinomyces lepromatis (1928) 

Described leprotic verrucous dermatitis (1937). 
Dermatite verrucosa leprótica. Estudo de 3 casos. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 32(2): 311-320, 1937.
Developed a technique for preparing antigens of cultures of acid-alcohol resistants bacillum from leprosy procedency that resulted in Souza Araújo leprolins. These cultures were deposited in American Type Culture Collection as Leprosy Cultures Souza Ataújo I, II and III. 
Intradermo-reacções em leprosos com antígenos de culturas de bacilos acido-alcoolo resistentes. Mem. Inst. Osw. Cruz 32(4): 469, 1937.  

Devised an eclectical method for treatment of leprosy (1927)

Tratamento eclético da lepra. Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 47(1-2):129-210, 1949

Vice-President, Leprology International Society 1932-56

Star and Cross Medal, American International Academy, New York (1957)

Medicine & Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (1955)