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Hector Supicci Sedes

Hector Supicci Sedes, Uruguayan race driver (Montevideo 15 March 1903 – Victoria, Atacama, Chile 04 December 1948)
Introduced many improvements in his racing car being which some of them were incorporated to rallies and common cars 
Windshield washer for racing cars (1938)
A exhaust pipe for engine (1937)
Improved cooling system employing an additional tank
Improved automobile lighting  
Introduced a complementary oil tank underneath the tray 
Strengthened suspension, lateral beam and axle with worksheets  
Introduced a protective shielding and coating with shellac on sparking plug and disposer
Carpets with crossbars under the wheels  
Double absorber on wheels (1935)
Introduced naphtha tanks with a separate feeding-system (1935)

First to use roll cage in racing cars