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Har Dayal Srivastava

Har Dayal Srivastava, Indian helminthologist and parasitologist (15 June 1908 – 20 October 1989)

With Dutta elucidated the life history of Schistosoma indicum (1951-5)

Published the life cycle of Clinostomum piscidum (1959)

Studied the life history of Stephanofilaria assamensis, the causative parasite of hump sore of cattle and its treatment 

Studied an unique form of dermatitis in cattle, the cutaneous microfilariasis or Srivastava dermatitis of cattle

Studied the morphology and taxonomy of trematode parasites of Indian freshwater and marine fishes



Valid Genera

Duttiella 1980 with Prasad & Maurya

Eumasenia 1951

Folliorchis 1948

Hurleytrema 1939 

Indoderogenes 1937

Mehrailla 1939

Mehraorchis 1934

Neonotoporus 1942

Nicollodiscus 1939

Orientodiscus 1937

Polyorchitrema 1939

Thapariella 1955

Tubanguia 1935

Yamagutia 1939


Valid Genera

Barbusa 1975 with Capoor

Ophrycotylus 1977 with Capoor  


At least 75 new species in Trematoda and Cestoda


Srivastavatrema Singh 1962 (Trematoda)

Srivastavanema Singh 1962 (Nematoda)