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Hans Stammreich

Hans Stammreich, German-born Brazilian spectroscopist (Remscheid, Renania 16 July 1902 – São Paulo 06 March 1969)
Authored 86 papers with classical works in molecular Raman spectroscopy


With Adolf Miethe (1924) and independent from H. Nagaoka (1925) discovered transmutation of mercury to gold 
Obtained the first Raman spectra of a number of materials

With O. Sala, R. Forneris & A.G. Ayrosa developed the technique of the excitation of Raman spectra with helium lamps in Technique and results of excitation of Raman spectra in the red and near infrared region. Spectrochim. Acta 8:41-45, 1956

With R. Forneris made the first use of extreme-red excitation for Raman analysis (1961)
With R. Forneris obtained the first Raman spectrum and the calculation of force constants for plane configuration molecules

With O. Sala introduced large contribution to Raman scattering studies of metals (1958-61)

With O. Sala & R. Forneris presented reported studies of metallocarbonyls, cyano complexes, halogen complexes and interhalogen compounds 

With P. Krumholz performed the first studies in elucidating the structure of metal-carbonyl employing Raman spectroscopy (1959-61) and first to demonstrate the existence of metal-metal bonds in metal-carbonyl compounds (1971)

First reported stowing force constants of M-C and C-O with retrodonation and conjugative interactions  
Presented one of first works about resonant Raman effect in The Raman spectrum of bromine. Phys. Rev. 78:78, 1950  


A Raman excitation technique using helium vapour lamps (with Oswaldo Sala)
A method for obtaining Raman spectra of high-coloured substances
Developed and patented a new method of production of electric discharge lamps in metal vapours
Process to manufacture of transparent and semitransparent papers for foods maintenance
A method to measure the motion of small animals (with G. Ayrosa e A.G. Pavan)
Introduced the use of spectrographs based on diffraction gratings into Raman instrumentation (1956) 

With O. Sala & R. Forneris developed narrow bandpass filters that resulted in the ability to obtain superb Raman spectra of solid or turbid solutions

With O. Sala & R. Forneris introduced the use of rubidium vapor lamp with strong resonance  for obtaining spectra of Cl4 and many other species 

A helium discharge lamp of long duration  
Metal iodides lamps
High-luminosity spectrographs with high-efficiency diffraction gratings in red region
Dispositif for manufacture of vitamin D
Device for measuring and recording sedimentation rates of blood globules
Microcolorimeter for medical purposes
Device to discriminate natural pearls from developed ones with x-rays aid  
A special paper to record electrical impulses 
Special electrodes for iontophoresis and preventive treatment of burns caused by war fumes 
With A. Miethe. Improvements in or relating to the extraction of precious metals. German Patent Specification #233,715 (8 May 1924)
Metal arc lamp (1928) US 1885637

With R. Wasicky & A. Giuliani described a new apparatus for the electrical recording of locomotion movements in laboratory animals in An. Fac. Farm. Odont. Univ. S. Paulo 8:187, 1950

With R. Wasicky. Um dispositivo para medição e registro da excitação do sistema nervoso dos animais. An. Fac. Farm. Odont. Univ. S. Paulo (1951)


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