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Hans Joachim Schumacher

Hans Joachim Schumacher, German-born Argentine physical chemist (Siegburg, North Rhine Westphalia 23 September 1904 – La Plata September 1985)

Authored over 300 scientific papers

Determined the dissociation energy of the fluorine molecule

Performed the first reliable studies of the low pressure fall-off regions of the thermal dissociation reactions of nitryl chloride (1931), difluorine monoxide (1934) and perfluoroperoxide (1937)

His studies on ozone decompositions as well as reactions of ozone with fluorine, chlorine and bromine molecules attracted international recognition (1930s)

Demonstrated the specific influence of added inert gases and provided the first reliable collision efficiencies in unimolecular reactions

Elucidated complex reaction mechanisms of highly reactive species

Postulated FCOx family (1960s)