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Giorgio Schreiber

Giorgio Schreiber, Italian-born Jewish Brazilian cytologist and geneticist (Trieste 19 February 1905 – Belo Horizonte 01 January 1977)

Twin brother of Italian zoologist and hydrobiologist Bruno Schreiber

Authored 216 works

Known internationally for his studies on quantitative cytogenetics, cytochemistry and caryometry

Introduced the concept of ploido-megetic ratio, a DNA/nuclear volume ratio (1965)

Proposed the existence of an intermediate phase in the nuclear volume doubling that called it sesquiphase

Le grandezze nucleari nella spermatogenesi. La “sesquifase” nella intercinesi spermatogoniale. Atti R. Accad. Lincei R.C. Cl. Fís. Mat. Nat. Ser 8A 2t:843-7, 1947 

Proposed the term elaxis for a proportional and discontinuous reduction of nuclear size during ontogenesis (1943) 

Clarified the phenomenon of neoteny in Proteus sp. 

With H.C. Carvalho & E. Paulini. Preliminary report on research towards the development of a standard test for insecticide-resistance and susceptibility in Drosophila. Bull. World Health Org. 24:664-8, 1961

First to verify that maternal and paternal spermatogenesis in ophidians don’t occur simultaneously 

Perfected the cytophotometer


With T.M.C. Cavenaghi. DNA e volume nuclear em Enteropneusta, Tunicata, Cephalochordata e suas implicações filogenéticas. Bol. Zool. Biol. Mar. Univ. São Paulo (NS) 29(1):119-24, 1972

With W. Beçak, M.L.Beçak & D. Lavalle. Further studies on polyploid amphibians (Ceratophrydidae) 1967 

Citologia quantitativa. I. An. Acad. Bras. Ciencias 38(1):137-41, 1966 

With H.E. Belluomini, R.F. Mello & A.M. Penha. Cytological and ponderal researches on the testicle of Crotalus durissus terrificus during the annual cycle (1966)

With Y.X. Sant’Ana. Relação entre o volume nuclear e DNA nas classes submúltiplas cariométricas de Jacobj. Cienc. Cult. 16(2):179-81, 1964

With A.S. Guedes. Cytological aspects of the taxonomy of anophelines (Subgenus Nyssorhynchus). Bull. Wld Health Org. 24:657-8, 1961

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With A. Groszman. Biometrical and cytological researches on tissues of inbred and hybrid corn caryopsis (1953)

Análise estatística da variação interfásica do volume nuclear. Thesis (1953)

Variações do volume nuclear e dos ácidos nucleicos durante a interfase (1952)

With J. Pellegrino. Análise citológica e cariométrica da ação da colchicina sobre a espermatogênese dos hemípteros. Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 49:513-42, 1951

Some basic factors concerning the variability of nuclear size. Anais Acad. Bras. Cien. 22:151-60, 1950

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With J. Pellegrino. Cytogenetical studies on Brazilian Hemiptera. Hereditas (Suppl) 656, 1949

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With C.A. Salvatore. Pesquisas cariométricas no ciclo estral e gravídico. Mem. Inst. Butantan 20, 1947

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Discontinuous and proportional decreasing of nuclear size in the liver of tadpole during development and metamorphism. Anat. Record 87(4), 1941

Il problema dell’accrescimento interfasico e della variazioni volumetriche dei nucleo durante lo sviluppo. Rend. Accad. Naz. dei Lincei 3:1-2 & 129-35, 

O volume do núcleo durante o desenvolvimento embrionário e a interfase

With A.R. Hoge, H. W. Belluomini & A.M. Penha. Further researches on intersexuality in a highly isolated population of snakes   

La cynétique nucléolaire dans la production des protéines cytoplasmiques. Ann. Histochem.