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Fuad Amin Sabra

Fuad Amin Sabra, Lebanese neuropsychiatrist (Beirut 13 February 1919 – 27 April 2005)


With A.K. Afifi. Treatment of toxic and drug induced neuropathies. Modern Treatment 5(6):1236, 1968

With H.A. Reimann. Hereditary spastic paraplegia (primary lateral sclerosis): a report of three cases in a family. Middle East Med. J. 1:75-8, 1962

Observations on one hundred cases of cerebral angioma. J. Am. Med. Ass. 170(13):1522-4, 1959

Withn H. Zellweger & Y. Green. The clinical diagnosis of inclusion body encephalitis (Dawson). Helv. Paediat. Acta 13(1):81-7, 1958


Honorary Member, American ECG Society (1950)

Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University (1963)

Visiting Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins Medical School (1968) & Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh (1969)

President, Section of Neurology, International Congress of Neurology (1969)

Invited to contribute chapters to Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (6th to 9th    editions)