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Friedrich Sellow

Friedrich Sellow or Sello, German naturalist and etnographer in Brazil (Potsdam 12 March 1789 – Belo Oriente, Minas Gerais State October 1831)

Collected thousands of specimens among plants, seeds, wood samples, mammals, birds, mollusks, amphibians, fishes, worms, insects, shells, skins, bird nests, bird eggs, skeletons, anatomical pieces, cranes, rocks, minerals, ethnographic drawings and indigenous artifacts sent to German institutions


Bignonia bellas 

Philodendron hastatum

Salvia splendens

HONORS (Plantae)

Selloa Kunth 1818 (Asteraceae)

Sellocharis Taubert 1889 (Fabaceae)

Friedsellowia Lowe, Coiffard, Mohr & Bernardes de Oliveira 2013 (Fossil)