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Francisco San Roman

Francisco Javier San Román y San Román, Chilean engineer and geographer (Copiapó 1837 - Santiago de Chile 1902)

From Argentine parents

Gained recognition of US and European peers for his topographic charts

Member of a number of scientific foreign associations

With S. Muñoz, A. Chadwick & A. Pizarro authored Carta geografica del desierto y cordilleras de Atacama (1892)

Collected some archaeological artifacts such as a knife in Cerro Chuculani and one vessel of Sama


With L. Sund. Estudios geologicos y topograficos del desierto y la cordillera de Atacama (1911)

El Desierto y la Cordillera de Atacama (1896) two volume

Hidrologia del desierto y cordilleras de Atacama (1894)

La língua cunza de los naturales de Atacama (1890)

Datos sobre la mineria en La Rioja y Catamarca (1871)


Sanromanite Schluter, Malcherek & Pohl 2007 (Mineral)