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Federico Schickendantz

Friedrich (Federico) Schickendantz, German-born Argentine chemist and naturalist (Landau, Rhineland-Palatinate State 15 January 1837 – Buenos Aires 04 April 1896)
Developed new procedures in mineral processing in order to obtain higher yields
Proposed diffusion method

Discovered a new sodium-potassium-calcium sulfate  

Un nuevo sulfato de sódio, potássio y cálcio. Bol. Acad. Nac. Cien Cordoba 3:85-7, 1879.  
Developed Schickendantz method for separating gold from copper
Extracted alkaloids from many plant species
Developed methods for separating alkaloids berberine and oxyacanthine

Discovered alkaloid aspidospermine or quebrachine independently of German chemists Fraude & Hesse (1878)

Introduced use of sulphurous acid for sugars purification
Invented a procedure for desiccating sugar under calcium trissulfite  
New procedures for sugar cane exploitation
Performed oenological studies


Schickendantziella Spegazzini 1903 (Liliaceae)