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Ennakkal Sudarshan

Ennakkal Chandy George Sudarshan, Indian theoretical physicist (Pallam, Kottayam, Kerala State 16 September 1931 - Texas, USA 14 May 2018)

Born in a Syrian family

Authored over 500 publications

With R. Marshak & S. Okubo originated chiral V-A theory of the weak forces (1958)

With R. Marshak discovered universal law of vecto-axial vector weak interaction

Introduced the diagonal representation for formulation of the quantum mechanical treatment of optics (1963) independently of Glauber (Sudarshan-Glauber representation)

Proved the equivalence of classical wave optics to quantum optics and predicted quantum optical effects

With B. Misra proposed quantum Zeno effect (1977)

First to use broken symmetry in formulating the sum rules for electromagnetic properties of hadrons

Proved that if the particle paths are world lines there can be no interaction

With N. Mukunda & L. O’Raifeartaigh developed the idea of spectrum generating groups, a case of superintegrable systems

With O.M. Bilaniuk & V.K. Deshpande predicted the existence of tachyons (1962)

With T.F. Jordan & D.G. Currie proved the impossibility of relativistic action of a distance in classical mechanics 

Discovered the master analytical representation of Lie algebra 

Developed dynamical maps

With N. Mukunda formulated the quantum theory of the infinite component field (1970)

Eponym of Currie-Jordan-Sudarshan theorem


Physics Nobel Prize nominee in six occasions