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Emil Sabbaga

Emil Sabbaga, Brazilian nephrologist (São Paulo 16 October 1926 – São Paulo 04 March 2016)

Authored over 270 scientific works

With C.V. de Faria & J.B. Magaldi. Técnica para determinação de substâncias anti-diuréticas (1951)

First report in literature about the occurrence of a true polyuria in the diuretic phase

With I. Nussenzveig, E. Vasconcellos, J.B. Magaldi, C. Villela de Faria, H. Pastore, T. Adachi & J.P. Rodrigues Lima. Acute renal failure produced by snake-bite of the Crotalus and Bothrops genera: occurrence of a true polyuria in the diuretic phase . IV Intern. Congr. Nephrol. (1969)

With P.R. Chocair, V. Amato Neto, M. Shiroma & G.V. Góes. Kidney transplantation. A new way of Chagas disease transmission. Rev. Inst. Med. Trop. São Paulo 23(6):280-2, 1981


With V.C. Massola, M.A.F. Barcelos, V.M.V. Martins, N. Gushi, J. Egidio, N. Romão & M.M. Machado. Hemodiálise realizada com técnica simplificada. J. Bras. Nefrol. 8(3):77-84, 1986

With E. David Neto, D.S. Ribeiro, L.E. Ianhez, S. Palomino, L.B. Saldanha & S. Arap. Acute interstitial nephritis of plasma cells: a new cause of renal allograft loss. Transpl. Proceed. 25(1)Pt2:897-9, 1993

With M.C.M. Castro, I.F. Freitas &M.M. Machado. Prolonged beta-adrenergic stimulation – a new way to reduce serum potassium concentration in hemodyalisis. Kidney Internat. 46(6):1738, 1994

With M. Albers, N. de Luccia, W. Nahas &S. Arap. Reducing cross-clamping duration in aortoiliac reconstruction after renal transplantation – A case report. Angiology 47(12):1181-5, (1997)

With M.M. Galvão, Z.F. Peixinho & N.F.Mendes. Stored blood – an effective immunosuppresive method for transplantation of kidneys from unrelated donors. An 11-year fllow-up. Braz. J. Med. Biol. Research (1997)

With L.O. Caballero, C. Menezes, M.C. Costa, S.C. Fernandes, L.L. Villa, A.J. Simpson et al. Highly sensitive single-step PCR protocol for diagnosis and monitoring of human cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant recipients. J. Clin. Microbiol. 35(12):3192-7, 1998 

With J.J. de Lima, M.L. Vieira, F.J. de Paula, L.E. Ianhez, E.M. Krieger et al. Coronary angiography is the Best predictor of events in renal transplant candidates compared with noninvasive testing. Hypertension 42:263-8, 2003


Public Hommage, 28th International Congress of Transplants, Rome (2000)

Invited Member, American Society of Transplantation Society