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Edson Saad

Edson Abdalla Saad, Brazilian cardiologist (Igarapava, São Paulo State 12 July 1935 – Rio de Janeiro 03 June 2005)

From Lebanese parents


Described systematically the digestive lesions of Nicolas-Favre disease and was the first to treat them employing glucocorticoids

With S. Coutinho & J. Rodrigues da Silva first to demonstrate the existence of clinical forms of schistosomiasis with post-sinusoidal portal hypertension and describe its clinical and anatomopathological figure 

Authored works distinguishing schistosomiasis from other hepatopathies using supra-hepatic venography

Performed the first systematic hemodynamical studies in Chagas disease and the first left catheterization in this disease (1969)

Performed the first in vivo coronariographies in Chagas disease

Tracked the path of cardiac decompensation in Chagas disease and its many evolutive hemodynamic phases

Showed the existence of a vagal hipertonus at A-V node level in Chagas disease

First to show the role that play the echocardiogram in assessing the cardiac endangerment in Chagas disease

Showed the incidence of auto-antibodies and the role of lymph cells in Chagas disease

With Widerhecker, Panerai and Grynzpan developed a technique for outer detection of His bundle electrogram

With Grynzpan & Mello developed a videodensimetric catch and processing system of signs that permit measuring ventricular volumes and valvar regurgitations 


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