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Demetrio Sodi Pallares

Demetrio Sodi Pallares, Mexican cardiologist (Ciudad de Mexico 08 June 1913 – Ciudad de Mexico 12 August 2003)
Authored over 150 papers and 18 medical and philosophical books
Established rational basis of practical electrocardiography
Established many parameters for position analysis and myocardial performance  
With E. Cabrera, Vizcaíno & Soberón showed intracavitary potential in man and dog under normal conditions (1947)
With Soberón, Estandía & Rodríguez first published intracavitary potential morphology of cardiac left ventricle  
With E. Cabrera enunciated the concept of endocardioelectric deductive electrocardiography
With Zuckerman & Abdo Bisteni described electrocardiographic changes in acute pulmonary hypertensive cardiopathy  
With Gustavo Medrano, A. Bisteni & Alfredo de Micheli first described electrocardiograms with activation potentials in cardiac conduction system in dog in situ (1952)

Enunciated concept of intraseptal barrier 

New bases of electrocardiography (1956)


With A. Bisteni, Fishleder & G. Medrano described the physical basis of morphology of cardiac unipolar derivations (1959)

Enunciated concept of electrical endocardium

With G.A. Medrano & A. de Micheli. Unipolar QS morphology and Purkinje potential of the free left ventricular wall, the concept of electrical endocardium. Circulation 23:836-46, 1961


Developed poliparametric electrocardiography, a new electrocardiographic interpretation  (1970)
Authored Nuevas bases de electrocardiografia (1945) edited in United States and Italy  
Concluded that sodium retention in organic tissues give arise to many diseases (e.g. ischemic cardiopathy)  
Regarded as world pioneer on metabolic treatments and founder of modern magnetotherapy   
Introduced glucose-insulin-potassium infusion for treatment of acute myocardial infarction known as Sodi Pallares infusion (1962)

With M.I. Rodríguez. Metodo para estudiar la secuencia y velocidad del proceso de activación en los ventrículos del perro. Valoración del metodo por el pronestyl (1952) 



Pavlov Medal, American Institute of Stress

First Honorary President, Sociedad Española de Cardiologia (1964)

Master Teacher, American College of Cardiology (1975)

Honorary Member, Societé Française de Cardiologie (1977)

Honorary Member, American Heart Association

Sodi Award in Electrocardiography (1977)

Osler Award (1976)


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