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Cora Sadosky

Cora Sadosky Ratto, Argentine mathematician (Buenos Aires 23 May 1940 – Long Beach, California 03 December 2010)

From Jewish Russian descent
Authored over 50 papers on functional and harmonic analysis and operator theory


With M. Cotlar and R. Arocena the concept of generalized Toeplitz kernels (1979)

With M. Cotlar the notion of algebraic scattering systems (1987)

Integral operators of the type of parabolic fractional integration

With R. Wheeden a weighted norm inequality

With M. Cotlar the notion of a scattering system d commuting evolution operators


Cotlar-Sadosky lifting theorem (1979)

Cotlar-Sadosky extension theorem

Cotlar-Sadosky algebraic scattering systems