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Chirayathumadom Venkatachalier Subramanian

Chirayathumadom Venkatachalier Subramanian, Indian mycologist and plant pathologist (Ernakulam, Kerala State 11 August 1924 – Bangkok 05 February 2016)


Proposed a new system of classification of Hyphomycetes based on conidium ontogeny (1962)

Elucidated the “wild type” in the genus Fusarium of Indian soils (1950)

Recognized and defined six basic spore types in Hyphomycetes

Proposed new concepts and terms about conidiogenesis

Authored the monograph Hyphomycetes widely used by mycologists throughout the world to this day (1971)


Over 130 new genera of Hyphomycetes, Coelomycetes and Ascomycota (at least 78 are valid) beyond many species in these groups 

HONORS (Fungi)

Ascosubramania Rajendran 1997  

Civisubramaniana Vittal & Dorai 1986 

Ceeveesubramaniomyces Pratibha, Hyde & Bhat 2005

Subramania D.Rao & Rag. Rao 1964

Subramaniomyces Varghese & Rao 1980 

Subramanianospora Narayanan, Sharma & Minter 2003  

Subramaniula Arx 1985