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Changxu Shi

Changxu Shi, Chinese metallurgist and materials scientist (Xushui District, Hebei Province 15 November 1920 – Beijing 10 November 2014)

Authored over 300 papers

Established Fe-Mn-Ar and Cr-Mn-N steel systems

With M.Z. Cao, X.J. Wan & S.J. Gao. A new analysis of hydrogen diffusion in metals with trapping. J. Mater. Sci. Tecnol. 5(4):247-53, 1989


First iron-nickel base superalloy

Hot corrosion resistant casting nickel-base superalloy

Technology of low segregation superalloy

With G.X. Sui, B. Zhou & Z.G. Zheng. Vinylon-reinforced aluminium laminate or Virall, a new superhybrid composite material (1993)


28468 Shichangxu (Asteroid)

Innovations in Real Materials Award, International Union of Materials Research (1997)