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Cezar Martins de Sa

Cezar Martins de Sá, Brazilian molecular geneticist (1948 – Brasilia 25 January 2011)

Co-discovered the prosome, a small RNP complex

With H.P. Schmid, O. Akhayat, F. Puvion, K. Koehler & K. Scherrer. The prosome: an ubiquitous morphological distinct RNP particle associated with repressed mRNPs and containing specific ScRNA and a characteristic set of proteins. EMBO J. 3(1):29-34, 1984

With H.P. Schmid, A. Horsch, K. Scherrer, F. Broders, O. Akhayat & M.F. Grossi de Sá. Prosomes. Ubiquity and inter-species structural variation. J. Mol. Biol. 187(4):479-93, 1986

With M.F. Grossi de Sá, O. Akhayat, F. Broders & K. Scherrer isolated the prosomes from the cytoplasm (1986)

Found the prosomes in the nucleus

With M.F. Grossi de Sá, F. Harier, O. Coux, O. Akhayat, J.K. Pal, Y. Florentin & K. Scherrer. Cytolocalization of prosomes as a function of differentiation. J. Cell Sci. 89(2):151-65, 1988

With O. Akhayat, A.A. Infante, D. Infante, M. F. Grossi de Sá & K. Scherrer. A new type of prosome like-particle, composed of small cytoplasmic RNA and multimers of a 21kDa protein, inhibits protein synthesis in vitro. Eur. J. Biochem. 170(1-2):23-33, 1987

With E.O. Melo, R. Dhalia, N. Standard & O.P. de Melo Neto. Identification of a C-terminal poly(A)-binding protein (PABP)-PABP interaction domain: role in cooperative binding to poly(A) and efficient  cap distal translational repression. J. Biol. Chem. 278(47):46357-68, 2003

With A.O. Ericsson, L.O. Faria, W.B. Cruz & B.D. Lima. TcZFP8, a novel member of the Trypanosoma cruzi, CCHC zinc finger protein family with nuclear localization. Genet. Mol. Res. 5(3):553-63, 2006

With M.F. Grossi de Sá, M.A. Veronese, S. Astolfi Filho & E. Gander co-described Crithidia brasiliensis (1980)