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Buenaventura Suarez

Buenaventura Suarez Lencinas, Argentine Jesuit missionary, geographer and astronomer (Santa Fe de la Veracruz 03 September 1679 – Uruguay 24 August 1750)

Authored a lunar calendar covering 101 years named Lunario de un Siglo (1744) which was praised by famous Swedish scientists like Anders Celsius and Per Wargentin

Authored astronomical works (about Venus transit) submitted to Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (1748-9) being the first scientific work of American continent in specialized magazines 

Performed astronomical observations on comets, lunar eclipses, latitude determinations and other astronomical data highly praised by many European scientists  

Studied the behavior of Jovian, Mars and Venus satellites, Saturn rings and lunar surface along 13 years (1726-9)

Created celestial maps

Improved the process for smelting church bells

Developed a method of preparing chocolate

Developed a method for cutting and polishing quartz stones